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Track and Field (Konami, 1983) and Kids Learning to Walk

A Kid’s First Step and Track and Field Hurdles

Mastering Track and Field involves trial and error, rhythm and a lot of wipe outs. Learning to walk requires similar practice. My little girl took her first steps last night. In this episode I’m exploring the similarities of kids learning to walk and advancing through Track and Field (Konami, 1983).

Episode Details

  • Track & Field, the game basics and memories (00:32)
  • The components of T&F compared to a kid learning to walk – trial and error, rhythm and wipeouts (04:20)
  • Trial and error (04:34)
  • Kids establishing a rhythm in walking, just like mashing buttons in T&F (05:34)
  • The consequences of falling out of your rhythm (06:38)
  • Tripping on a hurdle or tripping on a toy; all the same (08:25)
  • Opening up for feedback (10:45)
  • Is T&F a good game to play for busy parents? For certain! (11:16)
  • Closing thoughts (15:58)


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Episode Details

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What's This Podcast About?

It's a Podcast. It's About Retro Gaming and Parenthood. How Does That Actually Work Together?

Both a Retro Gaming and Parenthood Podcast. Yet Neither.

What is this show actually about? Level One Dad is simultaneously a retro gaming and parenthood podcast, though it takes both lightly. It’s not a show covering parenting advice. It’s also not a show about game tactics or pro tips. This podcast is about the quirky, often funny overlap between raising kids and familiar situations from classic video games.

Each week we’ll pick a mechanic, plot device or other component from an old school title and see if it has practical applications to parenthood. In this boilerplate episode, I provide examples and cover the details of what to expect from the podcast.

Note that this episode was recorded on December 1, 2016 after Episode 005. I doctored the date so it would appear chronologically in the podcast feed.

Episode Breakdown

  • In this episode we’re talking about the show itself, not gaming or parenthood (00:34)
  • A capsule summary of what Level One Dad is all about and when/where you can get new episodes (00:58)
  • Deep dive into the types of topics the show covers; how it’s both a retro gaming and parenthood podcast (01:49)
  • Examples of show topics, past and future (04:19)
  • Release schedule (05:08)
  • Why are episodes so short? (05:30)
  • Show notes, details and getting the most from each episode (06:44)
  • Providing feedback (07:14)
  • How can you subscribe to the show? (07:53)
  • Aspirations for the future: expansion, adding another episode each week and new methods for feedback (09:24)
  • Wrapping up (11:58)

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Episode Details

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